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Meet the Lattings

Family-Oriented Entertainment Begins with

Two Generations of the Latting Family



Thyrl Latting--Founder and Past President Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc.


Thyrl Latting has been involved with professional rodeo for 51 years, including 13 years as a professional bull rider and steer wrestler. An accomplished bull rider and steer wrestler, he held many steer wrestling schools where he taught amateur and professional cowboys the fine art of steer wrestling. After many years as a rodeo competitor, Thyrl continued participating in his favorite sport by founding Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. His reputation in the rodeo world, and the reliability and honesty he presented to his clients allowed him to build the premier rodeo production company in the region. In fact, today Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. has clients that have annually been repeat clients for over thirty years. Being a family man, Thyrl’s mission was always to provide family-oriented entertainment. His mission remains the cornerstone of Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. strategic operations.



Mike Latting -- President, Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc.


As his father, Thyrl, led by example, Mike developed a love of bucking horses, bulls and rodeos as a very young child. He and his younger sisters traveled with their parents on the rodeo circuit as Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. grew. Mike developed a passion for riding bucking horses and bucking bulls as a teenager. This passion led him to a level of skill that allowed him to attend college on a rodeo scholarship. He graduated from the University of Southern Colorado after making a name for himself in the collegiate rodeo ranks. Upon graduating from college, he was invited to partner with his father in Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. He accepted the invitation, and under the leadership of both Thyrl and Mike, Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. flourished. Together they developed a horse-breeding program, which has produced some of the most prolific bucking horses on the rodeo circuit today. Mike is currently on the Board of Governors of the prestigious International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA), which is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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